Hangouts, Hangover.

    We have variety of services. Mainly, Development of websites and application on mobile. Creation of musics. Moreover, provide the media of boardgame introduce.

  • Web Development

    In the case of renewed the web site or new to create. We provide the site highly performance and usability. We totaly support the site with information architecture, frontend coding , and development of server side application. If you want to create with HTML5. Sure! We can write any language.

    Create Musics

    We create any sounds. Especially, we can create musics of games. High quality musics make game more interesting. Basically, we make sounds for mobile application. We also can create songs for singer.

    Table Games

    Do you know the board games? Playing board games are so much stimulate for your brain. It's needed strategy, patience and communication with your friend. We trying to increasing many board game fans. We prepare to provide media of board game introducing.

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    Company : knockdice Inc.
    Service : Web design / System development

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