• Privacy Policy


    Knockdice Inc. (hereinafter "the Company") hereby pledges to recognize the importance of protecting personal information, utilize it responsibly, acknowledge the protection of personal information as the Company's social responsibility, make efforts to protect personal information, and establish a privacy policy as follows.

    1. Definition of personal information

    Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify specific individuals, such as a person's name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, occupation, and place of employment.

    2. Management of personal information

    The Company will take necessary and appropriate steps in order to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of personal information handled by the Company, and to safely manage other personal information.

    3. Collection and use of personal information

    The Company will only collect and use personal information for the following purposes, and only to the extent required.
    All personal information collected and used by the Company is provided voluntarily by customers. By providing personal information, customers authorize the Company to utilize said personal information in accordance with this policy.

    • To provide information that is believed to be beneficial and necessary for customers, such as notifications on new products
    • In order for the Company to send inquiries or confirmations that are necessary to conduct business, and to gather feedback in order to improve services. 
    • To respond to all types of inquiries.

    4. The sharing of personal information with third parties

    The Company will responsibly manage all personal information received from customers and, with the exception of the following situations, will not disclose personal information to third parties.

    • When the customer has given their consent.
    • When the Company discloses a customer's information to the third-party provider of the customer's desired service. 
    • When disclosure is required by law.

    5. Security measures to protect personal information

    The Company has put comprehensive security measures in place in order to ensure the accuracy and security of personal information.

    6. Queries for information, modification, and deletion

    In the event that a customer wishes to obtain the personal information they provided to the Company, or to modify or delete it, the Company will, after verifying the inquirer's identity, comply with requests to a reasonable extent.

    7. Compliance with laws, regulations and norms, and revisions

    In addition to complying with the laws of Japan that apply to the personal information in the Company's possession, and other norms, the Company will also review the contents of this policy when deemed necessary and strive to make improvements.

    8. Disclaimer

    In the event that any of the following situations holds true, the Company will not be held liable in any way for damages, even if third parties have obtained users' personal information.

    • When a user reveals their personal information to third parties using a function of this website or through any other means. 
    • When a user approves a third party's acquisition of their personal information. 
    • When personal information has been obtained from other websites with links on this website. 

    The Company assumes no responsibility for privacy protection with regard to websites with links on this site. Users visit linked websites at their own risk.


    For inquiries concerning the Company's personal information, please contact us through the following email address.
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    March 1, 2017
    Knockdice Inc.